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My melody of life

oh jaa ich war kreativ ^^ irwi muss klein Rei ja alles rauslassen xD

 To lie there under heavy clouds when the rain starts is making things much easier for me. Because all I can think of is making me cry. No one shall ever see my soul. grey and cold with broken dreams. The shards are in my heart. No one will ever see it's bleeding - My melody of life has gone...

Even if I think things will getting better, I realize there are just a few drops left of my hope and the wish to see the sun again. To walk this empty street again makes me cry this time, because you're not there - My melody of life has gone...

And when the tears run down my cheek I'm thinking back the time I had my melody of life!!..

19.9.07 22:02

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norali (20.9.07 21:33)
ich bins nochmal oO...
wahnsinnig schön und traurig....

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